Monster Legends Cheats

Monster Legends Cheats – Unlimited Gems and Gold

If you want to spend your leisure time in breeding and taking care of Monsters then you should start playing Monster Legends game. Published by Social Point, Monster Legends is an exciting online game wherein you can breed numerous monsters. Your group of monsters can either be used in combat or can be sold off for a profit and for this Monster Legends Cheats are ready to help.

Monster Legends Cheats

The gaming developers keep adding new monsters to the game, which can be unlocked as you keep progressing to the new levels. This feature makes the game all the more interesting. However, to progress in the game, you will require plenty of in-game currencies as well as resources. Listed below are some of the important items that you need to acquire in the game as well as various ways for procuring them:


The in-game currency that you will need for purchasing various buildings in the game is Gold. You will even require Gold for upgrading the existing buildings and buying expansion packs for newly purchased islands. To earn limited amount of Gold in the game, you can involve yourself in numerous single player as well as multiplayer matches. Each habitat of a monster can earn some amount of Gold for you.

If you want to acquire Gold in huge quantities then it is better to use Monster Legends Hacks. If you sign in to the game every day, you can acquire a single monster egg. These eggs can be used in two ways; either hatch them to get a monster or sell them for acquiring Gold instantly.

Another interesting way to earn Gold is by making several gaming friends after syncing your game with social networking accounts like Facebook. Your gaming friends will be of a big help to you because they can offer resources. You should send invites to many people so that they accept your friend request. Several friends will be able to help you a lot in providing the daily supply of resources in the game. Moreover, when a friend accepts your invitation, you will be rewarded with 3,000 Gold or 450 Food.




If you want to acquire special monsters and buildings then you need to spend Gems. It is the premium in-game currency that can be used for buying special items, speeding up the process of construction, as well as upgrading. Some of the items that you can purchase with Gems are Gold, food, and stamina.

Earning Gems is a difficult task, so most gamers spend real money to buy it from the game store. You will earn a small amount of Gems by completing a level successfully. A quick and safe method to earn Gems instantly is using Monster Legends Cheats. When you finish a single player match, you will get a free Roulette spin. By spinning the wheel, you can acquire lot of Gold, Gems, as well as Food.


To play each single player battle in the game, you will need Stamina. So, it is a vital element, which can be acquired from your gaming friends. Moreover, Stamina is also regenerated with time. However, you need to wait for it.


Your monsters will require plenty of food, so growing them in farms becomes an essential part of the game. You have to build numerous farms to grow food as different crops requires varied time span to grow. As you keep progressing in the game, you need to spend your in-game currency in upgrading the farms so that you can increase the production of crops for your monsters. The bigger the farm, the more crops it will produce in less time.

Now that you know the various uses of in-game currencies and tricks on acquiring them, let’s check out the wonderful features of the Monster Legends game that has made it one of the most played game on Android and IOS devices.

Varied Monsters:

You will come across more than 500 different monsters in the game. Your motive is to acquire and train them so that they win the battles. To make it easier for you to collect the monsters, the gaming developers have broadly classified them on the basis of their elements like Fire, Nature, Thunder, Water, Earth, etc. Each category of monsters will require a specific habitat. So, you need to ensure that you build habitats in accordance to the monsters that you have acquired. Moreover, you need to have enough quantity of food for the monsters so that they grow stronger.

Each element has a varied strength and weakness. For instance; a Thunder element is powerful than Water but weaker than Earth. Similarly, a Water element is weaker than Thunder but powerful than Fire. It is essential to know the exact element of your monster before you send it on the battlefield. You should always send a monster that is more powerful than the opponent to fight in the arena.

Breeding Of Monsters:

Breeding of monsters is one of the most interesting aspects of the game. You will come across several breeding mountains in the game where you can breed new monsters. Usually players breed them in order to create a powerful and strong monster. To breed them, you need to add two monsters in the breeding mountain.

There are two ways to breed monsters. The first method is to breed two monsters of the same elements and second method is to breed two monsters of different elements. The difference between the two methods is that in the first method, you will create stronger monsters while in the second one you will create a mix breed, which can live on varied habitats. Gamers enjoy breeding monsters of varied elements as the outcome is a rare and powerful monster.

Monster’s Habitats:

All your monsters will need a habitat to live and grow. As mentioned earlier, you need to build specific habitats for each monster depending on their elements. Overall you can build eight habitats for your monsters. For instance; if you have a Fire monster then you need to make a Fire habitat. Similarly, a Nature monster will only live in a Nature habitat. When you build a habitat, its original capacity is to accommodate two monsters. If you want to add several monsters in a single habitat then you need to upgrade it by spending in-game currencies.

Monster Temples:

Each monster can survive only till Level 10 and to upgrade them you need to build temples. Depending on the habitats that you have built, you need to create a temple. Every habitat will have a specific temple, which will depend on the elements of the monsters. So, basically there are eight temples for eight habitats. If you have created a hybrid monster by breeding two monsters of different elements, then you need to construct a temple that consists of both elements. Some examples of temples are Nature Temple, Thunder Temple, Fire Temple, etc.

To conclude, if you are interested in taming innumerable monsters by breeding, hatching eggs, and training them then you should start playing Monster Legends game. Your motive should be to create a strong team so that they win in the battlefield. Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds! You need to plan well so that your monster is of a stronger element than the opponent in the battlefield. So, play strategically and have a wonderful time in Monster Legends game.

Monster Legends Cheats

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  • I really need this because I would like to have better opportunities when I get them. Whenever o see an offer and I can’t pay for it it makes me feel bad because it feels not not having any money this have we be the best thing that’s happened to me on monster legends.

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