Monster Legends Temples – Enrich Your Knowledge Right Now

Monster Legends Temples – Enrich Your Knowledge Right Now

It is fact that the monster legends are one of the most played games available in the virtual world.  In the game you are served with amazing graphics, incredible gameplay and plenty more exciting stuff. Also, to make the gameplay unique, the creators have added tons of interesting features. These elements are one of the reasons, which make the game popular between the gamers.  In addition, temples are the features, which each and every desire to use while playing the game.  This is the important factor of the game that supports the players to move forward without facing too many complications.

What are temples in Monster legends?  Well, the temples allow the gamers to enhance the maximum level of the monster.  This is the best source available in the game, which helps the users to gain success with ease. Most importantly, gamers are required to grow the level of these temples to unlock more special moves.  However, there are few users who still unaware of the temple. So, without wasting any more time. Let’s begin with the kinds of the temple.  Eight sorts of temples are:

  • Temple of Fire
  • Temple of Nature
  • Temple of Earth
  • Temple of Thunder
  • Temple of Water
  • Temple of Level
  • Temple of Dark
  • Temple of Magic

Detailed Information About Temple of Water

Temple Highest Monster Level Price Construction Time
Level 1 20 15k gold 1 Hour
Level 2 30 225 k cost 4 Hours
Level 3 40 1,000 k gold 8 Hours
Level 4 50 1,500 k cost 12 Hours
Level 5 60 2,500 k gold 18 Hours
Level 6 70 3,000 k cost 1 Day
Level 7 85 4,000 k gold 1 Day 12 Hours
Level 8 100 5,000 k cost 2 Days


Final Verdicts

On the whole, there is no need to be confused about the Monster legends temples. Read the aforesaid information regarding it and learn in order to become ultimate player from all over the world.  Note, avoid using the power of temples recklessly. Otherwise, you will end up facing disappointment in the Monster legends game.  Play the game and have fun.

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