Monster Legends The Dungeons – Learn Simple Techniques To Improvise Gameplay

Monster Legends The Dungeons – Learn Simple Techniques To Improvise Gameplay

Monster Legends is one of the games, which are smartly published by the Social point.  This game is a complete package of entertainment, which makes users to get hooked with a device for a long time. It is available for both iOS and Android pocket platforms. So, potential gamers can locate it from their on-device app store. Basically, it is a monster breeding role-playing genre game, in which you can access a variety of cute characters.  Also, the most attention-grabbing factor of this game is dungeons.

In addition, dungeons are sorts of combats, which makes the gameplay more exciting and innovative to play. It is composed of three battles and there is also an element available, in which you can challenge yourself. You can take this as a challenge where you need to tap on the Random button.  Also, to encourage the users, players will attain a free wheel spin, which allows attaining exclusive monsters. Give your best shot and reach the peak point of the game conveniently.

Rules of Dungeons

There are three rules of the Dungeons, which players need to follow appropriately to move forward. Rules are:

  • Gamers need to survive in the three rounds in order to attain victory in the battle.
  • On the exclusive round, if a monster is still breathing, then you have to wait until the cooldown process finishes.
  • Every time gamers accomplish an achievement, if they take part again in the battle, then the level of difficulty will rise automatically.

Reward Section of Dungeons

     Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5

Battle 6

Battle 7

Battle 8

     5000 Gold, 500 Food

10,000 Gold, 1000 Food

1 Gem

15000 Gold, 1500 Food

3 Gems

Petal Cone

5 Gems

25000 Gold, 2500 Food


So, what’s the final expression? All in all, the Monster Legends The Dungeons is the fascinating and magnificent part, which makes the gameplay thrilling. However, if you face any kind of difficult, then read the aforesaid information. Hope the above mentioned information will help the users out of the difficulties.  Play the game and get entertained in the leisure intervals.

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