Things Gamers Need To Learn About Monster Legends Team Wars

Things Gamers Need To Learn About Monster Legends Team Wars

There is no doubt that the Monster legends are an attractive monster breeding role-playing game.  It is published by the Social point for the players to get entertained in the spare time.  Basically, in this game, you can breed a variety of monsters and allocate them in combats. The game also allows the users to sell them in the in-game market to earn in-game resources. To make the gameplay exciting, it offers lots of ground-breaking and interesting features.  One of the well-known elements is Team wars.  Due to this element, the game becomes one of the fascinated game all over the world.

What are Team wars?  Team wars are also known as the Team Zeppelin.  This is the best source of entertainment, which makes the players to get hooked with the device for a long period of time.  In these battles, you can participate in the battle by joining the team.  Make new mates in order to play the game comfortably. However, there are lots of players who are unable to taste the team war element. If you are one of them, then it is advisable that to read the level 16.  This is the sole method to unwind the Team Zeppelin.

Learn How To Commence The War

Follow the following steps in order to start the war without making too much effort.  Steps are:

  • Users would first need to reconstruct the Zeppelin.
  • Afterward, join or create a team according to your desire.
  • If you are thinking to create your team, then gamers need to follow a basic rule. Players are required to find minimum 10 players to continue for battles.
  • Once, the entire requirement for the team wars has been fulfilled. Press the crosses swords icon, which users can find on the left lower side of the Monster legends game screen.

Frequently Asked Question

Query: What Are War Coins?

War coins are the currency, which users can attain by accomplishing tasks with your mates in a squad.  It is used to attain most of the in-game items. So, give your best shot and earn these resources in enormous amount.

Query:  Kinds Of Team Members

There are three sorts of team members with the various privileges.

  • Lead: There can be sole one leader in the team.  It also can be shifted to another member and the current leader will be demoted to co-lead position.
  • Co-Lead: This player is promoted from a soldier to the Co-Lead.  With the position, you will attain enough authority to start a war.
  • Solider: This is the normal position in the team.  But still, it is a very vital member of any team. So, work hard and give your best shot to attain such positions.

 Query: Team Ranking

Besides, the power of the monster, the rank of the team is defined by the coins and unique monster obtained in the war.  All these interesting and innovative stuff together define the Team score in the Global ranking. Some of the rankings are listed below. Such as:

  • Monster Power: This is the total of the teammate monster’s powers.
  • War Coins: It registers the amount of the war coins earned by the members during the battle in the last 90 days.
  • Unique Monster: Game system registers the total unique monster owned by the entire members as in the Monstagram.

Query:  How to choose the opponent in the war?

There is no such way available in the game, which will let you select the war opponent.  Once the gamers commence the war, the game system will automatically look for another team according to the same level to fight.

Query: How to remove a member of the team?

In order to remove a team member, leader or co-leader need to tap on the member’s profile you want to remove.  Now, a dialog will appear in front of you.  Choose the Kick out option and press Ok.

So, what’s the Final Verdict? Hope the above-mentioned information related to the Monster Legends Team Wars will help you out.  Read it and understand the writing carefully and become the best player from all over the world. And if you want to winn every war, you can consider looking for working Monster Legends Hacks (someone posted a working tool in comments section)

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